Ordenaflex´s video

Ordenaflex´s video
John requested us to develop the prototype of his idea and to make a promotional video to show it. This is how we did it.

What did he need?

He wanted a video that showed all the possibilities and benefits of his product with the prototype that we produced. Therefore, the video would be recorded and not animated. It needed to be short enough to ensure that people could watch it till the end. It needed to be self-explanatory, being that, it should be understandable even without audio.

How did we make it?

We started with a storyboard of the parts of the video that would show all the advantages of using Ordenaflex at home and the office.

Once the storyboard was revised and approved, we set up all the material and started recording.

Once the final video was edited, we added the voice over it and the contact at the end of the video.

The result

The final video is 2 minutes long and is now on YouTube, Have a look! (Spanish only)

We will upload a new post soon with the making of the prototype that appears in the video.

For contacting John use the email Ordenaflex@gmail.com (Spanish only)

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