Decorative tank, prototype and video

Decorative Tank

Here we show the client’s own experience:

The project

Initially, I wanted to develop a product that can gather the condensed water from the air conditioner unit and be able to find harmony both in public and private environments with this element, because what made me create this company was the idea of keeping a public space tidy and with nothing that could make it unplesant which could be the gathering of the water in bottles or other containers with a different purpose.

The development of the project was pretty nice thanks to the support of the Spanish Association of Inventors  Asociación de Inventores de España, I could do everything in a easy way and big part of the promotion that I got was thanks to them and they are always letting me know if there is an event or place where I can show my produc or if there was any problem they would help me and guide me to solve it. 

The prototypes

At the moment, there are few prototypes of my patent “decorative tank” in different materials, shapes, sizes and everything was fine, even tho I am still trying to improve the product. The last prototipe was made in 3D by the company 4 LINES* and I am really happy with the result, even tho I am still doing some final touches to offer the best product. 

*4LINES is the name of our company, Mr-Prototype is the name of the service.

The result

You can find more information about the project and contact the inventor at Facebook de Decorative Tank.

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