Rosier 41, the needs of a fashion shop

Sometimes finding that object that your shop or office needs can be almost impossible. Our needs might not be addressed by the mass made products that we can find in the shops near us or online. 

This was the case of Rosier 41, a fashion shop in the center of Antwerp, Belgium. In this shop they have different collections from several artists, from the most famous designers to raising stars from the region. However, it was a problem to separate the collections of each artists.

Together we looked for a solution that fit their needs, creating a big “R” (Rosier 41) that would click in their wracks. Each one of them has the name of the authors that they separate. With the final proposal we created more than 50 pieces with the different names. This is possible due to our 3D printers, that allow us to create different models using the same base.

After a year, Rosier 41 is still using the Rs to separate different collections.

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